• Image of The Sword of No Man
  • Image of The Sword of No Man
  • Image of The Sword of No Man
  • Image of The Sword of No Man
  • Image of The Sword of No Man

This listing is a pre-order and will ship in 12 weeks. I will not be starting a waitlist for this sword, however I will have more pre-order opportunities in the future. Follow my social media (TikTok and Instagram), join my mailing list, or join my Patreon to stay informed about future designs and opportunities!

On to the reason you're here!

This listing is for a depiction of Eowyn's sword that she uses in the Battle of Pelennor Fields from the Return of the King in the Lord of the Rings, re-interpreted in stained glass. The handle of the sword is clear and black stained glass that has been handpainted in gold and brown, meticulously detailed in black and fired to an enamel finish. The blade of the sword is detailed in silver to mimic the 3-dimensionality of the sword. This is the sword everyone may remember from Eowyn's defeat of the Witch King of Angmar.

An optional addition to this sword is a garland of Simbelmynë flowers, which grow on the burial mounds around Edoras in the kingdom of Rohan. These are my interpretation of the white blossoms. The garland attaches to the sword with a discrete loop and can then be carefully wrapped around the blade. Alternatively it can be removed, rotated 180 degrees and be hung by itself.

Height: 24" (without garland), 25.5” (with garland)
Width: 3.25” (at widest point), 6" (with garland)

The Sword of No Man by itself: $315
The Sword of No Man with the Garland: $435

* I am only offering the swords for US delivery at this time due to their fragile nature.

All handmade by ABJ Glassworks outside of Philadelphia using lead-free silver alloy solder and eco-friendly techniques.

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