• Image of The Shadows of the Wood Suncatcher
  • Image of The Shadows of the Wood Suncatcher

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A large suncatcher inspired by Mirkwood, the greatest forest of Middle Earth in The Lord of the Rings. I made this suncatcher in the same style as the Light of Lorien Suncatcher, but with a black iridescent glass, which appears completely dark or a multicolored rich iridescent color depending on the light and the angle of your gaze. I combine the stained glass with beveled glass pieces, which catch the light when placed in sunlight.

I am a huge fan of the books and films, so great care was taken in interpreting this design into stained glass.

"...Occasionally a slender beam of sun that had the luck to slip in through some opening in the leaves far above, and still more luck in not being caught in the tangled boughs and matted twigs beneath, stabbed down thin and bright before them. But this was seldom, and it soon ceased altogether."
The Hobbit

Available in either copper or silver finish (shown in silver). Sold individually.

Height: 24"
Width: 4.5" (at widest point)

Handmade by ABJ Glassworks using lead-free solder and environmentally friendly techniques.

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