• Image of The Shire Suncatcher with Hobbit Door
  • Image of The Shire Suncatcher with Hobbit Door

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A suncatcher inspired by The Shire, the land of the Hobbits in Middle Earth in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. The suncatcher is handmade from beveled glass, which catches the light when placed in sunlight, and clear glass which I have handpainted to resemble sunflowers and fired to an enamel finish. The sunflowers are accented with brown glass centers and green glass leaves. While the original version has a large sunflower at the center (here: http://www.abjglassworks.com/product/the-shire-suncatcher), this option has a green Hobbit Door. Handpainted in the same style as my Hobbit Door ornament (here: http://www.abjglassworks.com/product/hobbit-door-ornament-bag-end), but with an even more variegated and textured green glass.

There is an option to include a removable "One Ring". The can be attached with a small clasp or discretely removed as you wish.

I am a huge fan of the books and films, so great care was taken in interpreting this design into stained glass.

“I should like to save the Shire, if I could - though there have been times when I thought the inhabitants too stupid and dull for words, and have felt that an earthquake or an invasion of dragons might be good for them. But I don't feel like that now. I feel that as long as the Shire lies behind, safe and comfortable, I shall find wandering more bearable: I shall know that somewhere there is a firm foothold, even if my feet cannot stand there again.”

Available in silver finish. Sold individually.

Height: 23" (25.5" with One Ring attached)
Width: 3" (at widest point)

Handmade by ABJ Glassworks using lead-free solder and environmentally friendly techniques.

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